Nuke - 3D Printable Electric Ukulele

Nuke - 3D Printable Electric Ukulele

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NUKE - 3D Printable Electric Ukulele

Nuke is a fully 3D Printable electric ukulele that is easy and safe to print and assemble. Fun and fully playable.

Nuke is designed for 3D Printing from the ground up. Every angle and area was tested for safe and reliable printing on most makes and models of 3D printers, so it just may work in your own. Parts fit in print beds down to 6"x6" and require no support material. Assemblies are simple and require only super glue and hand tools. To top it off, the super simple and angular shapes of Nuke make for small file sizes that download, slice and print fast and without hiccups. Learn more about Nuke and find full instructions for assembly at

You are purchasing the 3D model files (.STL) used for 3d printing, which will be delivered to you digitally.

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